Mon. May 29th, 2023

Share a Story

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Share a Story!

Yes, it’s that simple. The magazine invites all soccer fans to participate and share their stories. The magazine has a weekly feature that shares and showcases people’s real-life experiences and love of soccer. To be part of this wonderful experience and feature, keep reading.

The Share a Story feature involves choosing two to five readers and their submissions. The chosen submissions are then shared on the magazine website. The submissions can include stories about playing soccer, watching famous games, training, how soccer has impacted bad situations, etcetera. The sky is the limit.

The team wants to hear about how soccer impacts on the readers’ lives. Readers can also submit pictures of soccer events, pictures with famous players, or even pictures of the next generation’s soccer heroes.

Everything and everyone are welcome! This feature aims to unite, inspire, and encourage readers. Sport is one of the best ways to create optimism, positivity, and unity.

Any reader who would like to share in this amazing feature can contribute via the Contact page. Successful submissions will be notified, and a date of publication will be indicated. It is rare that a submission is rejected but it can happen. There are thousands of submissions, so the team requests that readers be patient and await their turn.