Untangling the New CCSL Playing League - Register by June 1st

If the new CYSA Cal-Soccer League seems confusing to you, then you don't need to feel alone. Here are some new guidelines for Class 1 and Class 3 competitive teams to understand what division to request your team to play in this coming year.

Remember that the deadline to register your team is June 1st

At what level should teams apply?
Since CCSL is a State-wide Playing League, it is important that the level designations carry real meaning and correspond to a given level of competition across all Districts, and Regions. All applications made under the previous scheme will be adjusted.

The levels of play are:
1. Premier (State)

2. Gold (Region)
3. Silver Elite "

4. Silver (District)
5. Bronze "
7. Copper "

It is important to not confuse the level and where it is played. And it is equally important not to muddle the levels by duplicating the same division name at Region and District. Therefore, there is no Coast Gold. Same with all other Districts - there is no Gold at any District level. Correspondingly, there is no Bronze or Copper at the Region level.

Premier is the highest level and competition is State-wide.This implies that all teams playing at the Premier level, regardless of the Region they belong to, must have the same, highest level of competitiveness. TBD whether there will be the right structure in place to support State level play in the first year of CCSL. It is hoped that with a successful Region level this year, the right structure can be carried forward into a true State level in the following year.

Gold and Silver Elite are the next highest level of play and this takes place at the Region level. There are three Regions - Bay, North and Valley. For the Bay Region, for this year, this is expected to be very close to last year's Abronzino Division 1.

Finally, the next level of competition, Silver, Bronze, Copper, is at the District level. Additional Divisions will be created to accommodate the number of teams - e.g. Silver A, Silver B etc.

Promotion and Relegation is the way teams move up and down the levels of play. Teams should be placed at the correct playing level in order to make CCSL the most competitive Playing League in the State.

So, District I and District II teams that played in Abronzino and Delgado should complete their CCSL application using the following guidelines below for choosing the Requested Level of play.

Abronzino Division 1 teams should apply to Bay Gold
Abronzino Division 2 teams should apply to Bay Gold OR Bay Silver Elite
Abronzino Division 3 teams should apply to Bay Silver Elite OR Coast Silver
Delgado Division A teams should apply to Coast Silver OR Coast Bronze
Delgado Division B, and C teams should apply to Coast Bronze and Coast Copper

The Coast Board will review all applications and approve the level of play based on 2009 Fall Abronzino, and Delgado results and standings. New teams from Norcal will be placed with a goal of achieving the right level of competition.




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