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After an emotional battle against the San Francisco 49ers, the Santa Clara City Mayor and select members of the City Council, the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League successfully stopped the potential sale of the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park to the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers were trying to orchestrate a closed-door Santa Clara City Council Meeting to secure a sweetheart real-estate deal and offered $15 million to the city of Santa Clara for the 10-acre Soccer Park. The 10-acre land adjacent to Levi Stadium is worth an estimated $70-$100M.

Over 400 soccer players, parents and soccer supporters packed the Santa Clara City Council Meeting on April 21, 2015, and stopped the closed-door meeting from taking place.

What Is the Current Status?
1) The Santa Clara City Council has agreed to
expand their Soccer Committe (making plans for furutre soccer fields in Santa Clara) to include representatives from the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League and additional key stakeholders.

2) The Santa Clara Youth Soccer League presented the following Guiding Principles to the Santa Clara City Council on May 18, 2015:

PROCESS – All consideration of any proposals shall be conducted in public with sufficient notice to allow for meaningful input from the public.  There shall not be partial, preliminary or even package offers to the Mayor, Councilmembers, City Manager or staff except through the public process.

TIMING – No agreements may be approved until after a viable relocation site has been located, zoning approval and CEQA clearance has been obtained and a financial plan to relocate the Soccer Park in its entirety has been developed. Furthermore, any new facility must be built and ready for use – a Turnkey Operation.

LOCATION – If the Soccer Park is relocated, it must be moved to an equal or better location with an equal or better facility than the existing Soccer Park.  The Soccer Park cannot be replaced in separate locations and must reside on at least 11 acres of land.  SCYSL and PAL Board designated members must be involved in the site selection and development.  The City will not consider any transaction that result in the net reduction of City Park land.

VALUE – If there is a disposition of the Youth Soccer Park real property, the transaction will be made at Fair Market Value based on the highest and best land use of the property.  Furthermore, no General Fund money may be used to relocate the existing Soccer Park.  Whatever party requests relocation of the Soccer Park must pay for both land acquisition and development costs of a new Youth Soccer Park facility. (The Soccer Community is not asking to be relocated!)

3) The SCYSL Awaits Next Steps from the Santa Clara City Council

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