SCYSL Partners with SCUSD To Repair Soccer Fields

April 2017

The Santa Clara Youth Soccer League has partnered with the Santa Clara Unified School District in an effort to begin restoring soccer fields in Santa Clara. Cabrillo Middle School and Curtis Field were identified last Spring and an aggressive turf management strategy was put into place. The soccer league paid to reseed and fertilize the fields, and Peter Auth from the SCUSD Maintenance Team rejuvinated the turf into high-quality soccer fields. The fields are mowed 2-3 days a week and the results are nothing but amazing.

Unfortunately, somebody tore-up the large field at Curtis by spinning donuts on the large soccer field, so we are looking into the possibility of fencing Curtis Field to prevent future vandalism. Sutter Middle School and Wilson Middle School are earmarked for repairs next. Wilson Field is closed for practice and games until further notice due to its current poor conditions.

We also met with the Santa Clara Parks & Recreation Department, PAL and the Santa Clara Cricket Group to formalize a field sharing schedule with the goal to prevent overuse and damage to the fields.




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