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2016 Summer Camps

May 25, 2017

Premier Soccer Coaching will be running three weeks of Soccer Summer Camps this year. The week long Summer Camps will run the week of July 10th to 14th, July 24th to 28th and July 31st to August 4th. During each week of camp we will be running a Competitive Player Soccer Camp (for experienced soccer players) and a Recreational Player Soccer Camp (for beginner level players). 

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The camps will be held at Curtis Field (890 Pomeroy Avenue, Santa Clara). Each camp is a half day camp, which will run from 9am to 12noon, Monday to Friday.

The Competitive Player Camp is open to players aged between 7 and 18 and the Recreational Player Camp is open to players aged between 5 and 16. Here is more information on each camp:

Competitive Player Summer Camps Cost - $169 per player
The Competitive Player Camp is aimed at competitive level soccer players only. During the camp players will participate in a number of different high level activities, exercises and games, designed to improve their individual skills (such as dribbling, 1v1 moves, passing, receiving, shooting and defending) and tactical understanding of the game of soccer. Players will also work on improving their speed, quickness and agility. We use exercises that maximize a player touches on the ball and the repetitions of the activity, to ensure a greater level of learning and development. The coaching curriculum for each week of the competitive camp will be design and run by Coach John Slegg. John has been coaching at the highest level for the past 15 years and has experience working in some of the best soccer clubs in the Bay Area and a number of players that have gone on to play college soccer (at school such as Santa Clara, UC Irvine, UC Davis, UC San Diego, Arizona State and many more), John knows what it takes to get players to the highest level! John and his team of coaches will use all their coaching experience and knowledge to help push each player to improve in all areas of their game. Each player will finish the week a more skillful, faster and intelligent soccer player!

Recreation Player Summer Camps Cost - $129 per player | Mini-Camp $89 per player
The Recreational Camp is open to recreational level players of all ages and is aimed at those players that enjoy playing soccer and want to improve their soccer skills in a fun and positive environment. During the camp players will work on improving their individual skills through playing a wide range of fun and challenging games. Players will be split into training groups by age, so that they can play with players of the same age. Do you have a young child that wants to attend the camp? Then checkout our mini camp. The mini camp runs from 9am to 10:30am and is for players aged between three and five. The cost of the mini camp is $86 per player.

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Premier Soccer Coaching

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Premier Soccer Coaching PSC provides high level youth soccer coaching services such as full time Team Coaching, Spring and Summer Break Soccer Camps, Team Camps, Goalkeeper Training, Individual Player Training, Player Clinics, Fitness Clinics, and Coaching Curriculum Design.

Owner and head coach John Slegg coaches mutiple teams at Santa Clara Sporting and serves on the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Board of Directors.

They host soccer camps throughout the year. Camps focus on improving players’ individual skills, such as footwork, turns, 1v1 dribbling moves, short and long passing, close range finishing, shooting from distance, moves upon receiving the ball, receiving the ball with different surfaces, and heading. During the camp we focus on making sure players get maximum touches with a soccer ball.

Camps also focus on improving a player’s tactical understanding of different topics such as, group possession, switching the point of attack, defensive shape, 1st, 2nd and 3rd defender, 1st, 2nd and 3rd attacker, reacting to a change in possession, crossing and finishing, two and three player passing combinations, Playing with your back to goal, and many more.

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