SCYSL Partners with SCUSD To Repair Soccer Fields

Important Field Updates

August 20, 2016

The Santa Clara Youth Soccer League has partnered with the Santa Clara Unified School District in an effort to begin restoring some of our school location fields to a quality that is suitable for competitive play. We identified Curtis Field, the Cabrillo Middle School Field and the Wilson Middle School Field and started repairs over the summer. The soccer league and the school district made a joint investment to reseed, turf and repair the fields. The fields were closed during the summer to allow new grass to grow into the turf and stregnthen and improve the overall quality of the fields.

We also met with the Santa Clara Parks & Recreation Department, PAL and the Santa Clara Cricket Group to formalize a field sharing schedule with the goal to prevent overuse and damage to the fields.

Imporant Updates

  • The grass fields at Curtis and Cabrillo are very long right now and the school district will mow the grass early next week (Starting the week of August 22nd.
  • SCSYL will mow the soccer fields every Thursday, and lines will be painted on the fields every Friday.
  • Curtis Field and the Cabrillo Middle School fields are Open for Practice and Games.
  • Wilson Field is CLOSED for practices, and we hope to start hosting soccer games there on September 10th but stay tuned for more details.
  • Any Santa Clara park and/or school can be used for practices except Wilson, Central, Elmer Johnson, Cabrillo, Santa Clara HS, Wilcox HS, Buchser MS.




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