Santa Clara Fusion are Finalists at North Valley Classic

December 6, 2011

The Santa Clara Fusion Girls U14 soccer team were Finalists at the North Valley December Classic Soccer Tournament held December 3rd-4th in Milpitas. The U14 girls bracket had four teams competing in the tournament, so every team would play every team once, and then total points earned would determine first, second, and third place.  The Fusion started the tournament on Saturday, winning their first 8:30am game (burr cold!) by a 1-0 score.  Later that afternoon at 3pm, the Fusion faced a team that beat Santa Clara 1-4 during regular season competition, but the Fusion girls turned the result around this time and won 1-0.  The U14 Fusion girls knew they were headed into their final game on Sunday that would determine a first or second place result in the event because Sunday’s opponent, the CV Hot Tamales had also won both of their games.  

The Hot Tamales Team had a one point edge over Santa Clara leading up to the Final match, and the Fusion knew they had to win to earn a first place result.  The championship match was well played by both teams, and the Fusion took a 1-0 lead at halftime, but the CV Hot Tamples tied-up the game in the second half, and that score would stand.  Both teams earned four more points, but the Hot Tamales had that one point lead prior to the championship, so the Fusion earned a well-fought 2nd Place Finalist result.  The game was well-played by both teams, and the game could have gone either way. Giving-up only one goal the entire tournament, and winning two games and tieing one is very impressive! They deserved first place just as easily as the Hot Tamales. 

Congratulations to the players, and head coach Eddie Laranjo and assistant coaches Art Patlan and Dean Hartmann for a great season!

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