Free Coaching Clinics for SCYSL Coaches Provided by SCYSL-UK International


Posted 8/18/2011

SCYSL has once again partnered with UK International to provide our recreational soccer coaches with hands-on training to help develop players this Fall season. The plan this season is to provide coaching clinics at a central location (probably Wilson Field).  UK International will have two coaches at the field from 4:30pm-7:30pm, and each team will get two sessions of coaching; one session during the first four weeks of the season, followed by a second session during the latter half of the season. A sign-up sheet was sent to coaches to schedule their teams for the free clinics.

As a coach, please arrive a little early and ask questions or help set up the drills. Pay attention so you can replicate the drills that your team enjoyed, and feel free to ask questions afterwards, but realize that if you have the early session, the coach has a session right after.

UK International Coach Training Schedules (as of 8/18)

  • August 22nd - Sept 5th: Training Sessions from 4:30pm-7:30pm (by scheduled appointment)
  • August 26th - U10 Coaching Clinic (for coaches)
  • Sept 5th-26th: Training Sessions from 4:30pm-7:30pm (by scheduled appointment)
  • Sept 23rd and Oct 14th: Open play days for U10 with the ages mixed but the genders divided. All players are welcome to attend dressed to play a series of fun games. The format will intermingle many players from many different teams, and provide an opportunity for players to drop-in and hone their soccer skills.




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