Delgado League: Mandatory Coaches Meeting - Aug 20th

The following policy was just passed by the Delgado (Class 3) League Board Members.

Point Deductions: 2 point deduction for the following items:

  • Teams will be penalized two points for any red cards received for infractions against a referee (but not for a double yellow)
  • Running up the score’ (goal differential ) 7 goal differential is allowed, but 8 is not – if the 8 th goal is an ‘own goal’ there will be no deduction
  • There will also be a two point deduction for failure to enter scores past the third week following a match
  • Two point deduction in the standings for non-attendance of the Mandatory Coaching Symposium

The mandatory Coaching Symposium for all coaches will be held August 20th.  The exact time, location, etc. will be determined and posted soon.




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