Win a FREE PAIR of Soccer Cleats!

Are you ready for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament! Show us your skills and predict which teams will advance throughout the tournament, and which team will win the championship!


You could win a Free Pair of soccer cleats from All-Star Soccer!

Enter & Register at All-Star Soccer before Thursday, June 10th at 8pm

Location: 954 E. El Camino Real in Sunnyvale

How to Enter
1) Complete the World Cup bracket entry form. Don’t forget to write your name, telephone number and email address on the back so we can contact you if you win.
2) Pick which teams you think will advance through the World Cup. Points are given for correctly choosing the winning teams. The person who accumulates the most points by the end of the tournament wins one (1) FREE PAIR of SHOES* of your choice, from ALL-STAR SOCCER!

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*Shoes must be chosen from current store inventory.

Contest Scoring System
Group Stage - For every group stage game you can either pick a team to win the match or predict a draw. 1 point will be given for each correct pick. For example, if you pick Mexico to beat South Africa in the opening game and Mexico wins, you get 1 point. If, however, you were to pick England and the United States to draw in the first game of Group C but England won, then you would receive no points.

Round-of-16 - In addition to the points you receive from the Group Stage games, you accumulate points in this round by successfully picking the Group Winners and Runners-up. There are a possible 3 points for every Group Winner and 3 points for every Runner-up who make it into the Round-of-16.

Knock-out Stages – you earn points in this round when you pick which countries will win their games and advance into the Quarter-Finals. Each Team to qualify for the Quarter-Finals is worth 5 points.

Quarter-Finals - there will be 4 teams to advance into the Semi-Finals, and each Quarter-Final winner will be worth 10 points.

Semi-Finals – the winners play for the World Cup Championship, and the two losing nations play for 3rd place. The 3rd place winner will give you an additional 15 points if you pick the winner.

Championship - the final 2 countries who reach the World Cup Final will each be worth 15 points if you can anticipate the teams to qualify for the final. If you also can predict and pick the winner of the world cup it is worth 25 points.

Points System

• 1 point for every group stage result (48 points possible)
• 3 points for group winners/runners up (48 points possible)
• 5 points for picking participants in the quarter finals (40 points possible)
• 10 points for picking participants in the semi finals (40 points possible)
• 15 points for picking the 3rd place playoff winner (15 points possible)
• 15 points for picking participants in the final (30 points possible)
• 25 for picking the WC winner (25 points possible)





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