No Smoking Protest Over Levi Stadium Smoking Section


The Santa Clara Youth Soccer League held a "No Smoking" Protest against the San Francisco 49ers and the Santa Clara Stadium Authority whom insisted on setting-up a Tobacco Smoking Section next to the Santa Clara Youth Soccer field. The Stadium Smoking Section is a violatiton of the California Health and Safety Code, Section 1044495 Restriction of Smoking at Public Playgrounds.

Our soccer leagues have repeatedly called the Santa Clara City Managers and the Santa Clara Fire Department to help put a stop to the smoking that was taking place right next to Field #1 at the Soccer Park. The City did nothing to enforce the No Smoking Ban so the league decided to confront the 49ers and the city over a stadium smoking area.

The Santa Clara Youth Soccer League held a protest as youth soccer players marched onto the field during a pre-game International Walk-On holding signs while wearing gauze masks during a scheduled concert at Levi's Stadium. "Can't the 49ers move the smoking section somewhere else? It's a big stadium, it's a big lot," said Gabe Foo, a board member for the soccer league. "Why do they have to put the smoking section right next to the soccer facility and right next to the kids?" The 49ers said the smoking that took place was more than a month ago and an accident. The team insists the smoking section has been moved. The protest and media coverage successfully put an end to the Smoking Section.




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