Sign-up for 2011 June-July Coaching Classes

All SCYSL and Santa Clara Sporting coaches should read the following memo from SCYSL Coaching Director Steve Robertson...

Memo from SCYSL Coaching Director Steve Robertson

In order to get ahead of the game, we are wanting to survey all of you to see which courses you would be interested in taking (or need to take) prior to the upcoming fall season. For those interested in the Coaching License Policy for our District, please visit the following District II website. As in past years, Santa Clara Youth Soccer League will offer the following courses (minimum 10 participants):

  • Pre-F course - An introductory evening course geared towards first-time parent coaches that want a high-level overview of coaching youth soccer (mainly for the younger ages, u5-u8)
  • F course - First "real" course held by CYSA-North, designed to provide a coach (primarily beginning competitive coach) a structure for effective coaching/practice plans and base-level game management techniques. (9-hr course typically Friday evening and all day Sat)
  • E course - More advanced course, which is 18 hours, usually Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday
  • E/D course - Next level advanced course - 32 hours, usually Friday evening and consecutive weekends

This year, most courses will be held between late June and late July. Please email me your desire to attend a course so that we can gauge which courses to schedule.

Steve Robertson - SCYSL




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