New Center Referee Training Program Launched

New SCYSL Center Referee Training Program

Program Overview
At SCYSL, we are committed to recruiting and developing referees who can provide a high-level of quality and experience as officials to our soccer league. Instead of licensing new referees and sending them to games without any experience, we started and run a very successful Mentor Referee program that provides excellent training and a support system to all our officials.  We try to match up a new Center Referee with a seasoned/experienced Mentor for his/her first regular season games.  The mentor observes the match either as an Assistant Referee in the match or from the touchlines - not an official in the match. In both cases, Referee Mentors are trained to provide feedback and support to the new Center Referee.  We also have a strong working relationship with Competitive and Recreational Coaches who schedule us scrimmage games knowing that we will use them for training new AR’s and CR’s under the watchful assistance of a Mentor.  Mentors are thoroughly familiar with the SCYSL Center Ref Training Guide.

How are new Center Referees identified?
Sometimes we ask AR’s who we think are ready and show aptitude for this, or an AR who feels ready to begin working as a CR can let us know -- either by email at -- or by otherwise notifying the referee coordinator, referee scheduler or mentor program coordinator.  

Referees who express an interest in becoming a Center Referee are first asked to review the SCYSL Center Ref Training Guideline which explains several key concepts regarding this position.

Training Options for New Center Referees
The Assignor or Referee Coordinator would be the first ones to notify and they might take the initiative to assign them to a few games.

  • We notify the Mentoring Program Coordinator of these assignments, whereupon we try to line up a Mentor to officiate in the match with the new CR or to Mentor from the touchlines.
  • If no Mentors are available, we can seek out other seasoned Referees to work the match with the new CR. 
  • New CR’s are free to request that one Mentor work with them for a series of games or to work with whatever Mentor is available for each game.  Here is a list of available mentors. 

Program Feedback
Mentors prepare a Mentor Feedback Form
which we send to the new CR, with copies to the Assignor, Referee Coordinator and Mentoring Program Coordinator. This brief form captures/comments on skills that are already in place, going well, along with 1-2 ’things to work on’ if there are any.

Helpful Tip for prospective new CR’s: you can look ahead at the schedule to see where Mentors have self-assigned as CR’s and then self-assign as an AR in their match, using the opportunity to talk about the CR position with the Mentor before the game or at the half or end of the game.

If you have any questions about this program or would like to be consider as a new Center Referee in SCYSL, please contact
Bob Sherman/SCYSL Referee Coordinator at





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