Carden Field Closed Until Further Notice

August 27, 2012

Carden Field is temporarily closed because of construction,  the City of Santa Clara hasn't given SCYSL a completion date (hopefully soon).  No one is allowed to use this field until we get the permit.  We will let everyone know when the field is open again.  If our teams are seen using the field during this time, the principal is going to seek that we are not allowed there even after construction is complete.  DO NOT USE THIS FIELD.

When you use any school (Carden and Westwood are ones that we always get complaints about), you are not allowed to use the bathrooms or go into any school building.  Your players cannot use the playground if the school has an aftercare program going on at the same time.  This would typically involve practices before 5pm.  Coaches need to be sure the parents and grandparents know these rules because you may be running practice, and when you are working with the team, the siblings may end-up where we don't want them.  This is another reason why the schools are threatening to kick-us out of Carden.




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