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Welcome to our Referee Resource Center! We want to thank you for participating and supporting our soccer league this season, for without referees we cannot hold any soccer games. This Fall, we have over 1,450 children participating in the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League; that’s a lot of soccer games to run.

We assembled some very important information to share with our referees. Please feel free to provide feedback to make our program better!
Bob Sherman
Referee Coordinator

Burt Field
SCYSL Referee Scheduler

Bob Sherman
Mentor Referee Coordinator

Referee Class Offered from May 18th - June 2nd at Soccer Park

Posted 4/23/2016

An entry-level (Grade 8) referee course is being offered at the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park next month. Please see the detailed information on class times and dates below. We encourage both adults and kids to take the class -- we normally ask that children be 12 before taking the class, but basically, anybody who has the ability to pay attention during the 18-hours of classroom instruction and successfully pass the test can get his or her referee license through this class.

Fees: The fees are 45$ for USSF and 35$ for the class. Each student will receive free one year membership for San Jose Soccer Referee Association.

  • Wed, May 18  6:30pm - 9:30pm
  • Thu, May 19  6:30pm - 9:30pm
  • Wed, May 25  6:30pm - 9:30pm
  • Thu, May 26  6:30pm - 9:30pm
  • Wed, Jun 1  6:30pm - 9:30pm
  • Thu, Jun 2  6:30pm - 9:30pm
  • (Must attend ALL sessions) 

Click here to register for the Referee Class at the CNRA website.

If you have questions please contact Bob Sherman, SCYSL Referee at

2016 Referee Pay Rates
Referee Rates Aligned to NEW 2016 US Soccer Playing Format

Updated 4/5/2016

The following referee pay rates are used for all Santa Clara Youth Soccer and Santa Clara Sporting Competitive league and scrimmage games. This only applies to games where the home team pays the referee cash after the game (NorCal Premier games, scrimmages, etc).

The referee pay rate is tied to the game length. Center Referee rates are staying the same, and AR rates now match the length of the halves, i.e., 40 min halves equal $40 rate.

Spring Game Length Options - Teams can mutually agree to play a longer game duration (play-up a maximum of 1 age group), but must pay the referees the increased pay rate. For example, a U11 (9 v 9) game can be played at U12 (11 v 11) game format as long as the officials are paid the U12 referee pay rate. Please remind coaches/managers before the game.

2016 US Soccer Standards - Spring League Games

Birth Year Age Game Length No. of Players CR Pay Rate AR Pay Rate
Born in 2008 U8 2 x 25 min. 7 v 7 $30 $25
Born in 2007 U9 2 x 25 min. 7 v 7 $30 $25
Born in 2006 U10 2 x 30 min. 9 v 9 $30 $30
Born in 2005 U11 2 x 30 min. 9 v 9 $35 $30
Born in 2004 U12 2 x 35 min. 11 v 11 $40 $35
Born in 2003 U13 2 x 35 min. 11 v 11 $40 $35
School Age Age Game Length No. of Players CR Pay Rate AR Pay Rate
2003/2002 U14 2 x 35 min. 11 v 11 $40 $35
2002/2001 U14 2 x 35 min. 11 v 11 $40 $35
2001/2000 U15 2 x 40 min. 11 v 11 $45 $40
2000/1999 U16 2 x 40 min. 11 v 11 $45 $40
1999/1998 U17 2 x 45 min. 11 v 11 $50 $45
1998/1997 U18 2 x 45 min. 11 v 11 $50 $45
1997/1996 U19 2 x 45 min. 11 v 11 $50 $45
2015-16 NorCal Premier League Send-Off Instructions & Rules

For those referees that officiate a NorCal League game, please note the following:

  • Teams competing in NorCal Premier League are sanctioned under US Club Soccer
  • No guest players are allowed in any NorCal State Cup game, so please ensure that all players are listed on the team’s official roster (no guest players can be handwritten and added to team roster)

Send-Off Instructions

There are two reports for referees to fill out:

Send off (also known as 24 hour report) - to be filled out on-line by using this link:

Incidence report is to be filled out involving, issues with coaches and spectators (before, during and after the game), field conditions, player injury, game abandon/suspension, players and coaches passes and any other related items. Please use this link to fill out the incidence report:

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