CCSL Comp/Select Game Referee Send-Off Instructions

New Procedures for 2010 CCSL Games 

Coast & Bay Division Send Off (Red Card) Information

Updated September 7/2010

  1. Referee notifies Bob Sherman/SCYSL Referee Assignor (refs@scyouthsoccer.orgfor games hosted in Santa Clara
  2. Referee fills out web based Send Off form and hits “submit” http://www.d2sra.org/forms/sendoff/
  3. Referee receives email with pdf of send off form and further instructions
  4. Referee mails copy of form and player/team official pass to Send Off Coordinator
  5. Send Off Coordinator reviews report and determines suspension
  6. Send Off Coordinator publishes send offs at http://www.d2sra.org/home/suspensions/
  7. Send off Coordinator mails player pass to League President/Send Off Coordinator
  8. League official (Tino Silva/SCYSL President) returns pass to team manager when suspension is served

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