Premier Soccer & SCYSL Partner to Donate Used Soccer Gear 3/31
Donate Your Used Soccer Equipment on Saturday, March 31st

March 28, 2012

The Santa Clara Youth Soccer League is hosting a "Sports Gift" program on Saturday, March 31st at the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park (5049 Centennial Boulevard Santa Clara, California 95054) and Curtis Field (890 Pomeroy Ave, Santa Clara) from 8am-4pm. The donation bins will be marked, "Premier Soccer Coaching Used Sports Equipment Donations."

If you would like to donate any gently used soccer equipment, such as balls, t-shirts, shorts, shin guards, goal keeper gloves, etc, then please take this equipment to either Curtis Field or the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park. The bin at the Soccer Park will be placed next to the small steps that lead from the parking lot to the fields. The bin at Curtis Field will be placed in the corner of the Lockinvar Parking Lot, near the field and the apartment complex.

Sports Gift is a non profit organization that collects ’gently’ used sports equipment and donates it to impoverished and disadvantaged children that do not have access to sports equipment. It donates this equipment to children in areas such as the USA, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific, The Caribbean, Eastern and Central Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

John Slegg, founder and head coach from Premier Soccer Coaching will collect donations at the end of Saturday, and will then transport the equipment to Sports Gifts headquarters in Southern California.

Thanks and if you have any questions then please e-mail John Slegg at

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