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Competitive Soccer (was know as Class 3 Soccer) is intended for those players who have a greater interest and commitment in advancing their skills. This level of soccer focuses on player development and taking the player from Recreational Soccer (Class 4) on the path to Premier (Select) soccer playing levels.  Our League’s Competitive teams compete in the Cal-North Soccer League and may participate in a few tournaments. Each player is guaranteed to play a minimum of 50% of each game. Teams are made up of single age groups (age pure) ranging from U9 to U19. All teams are put into one division and are seeded into groups depending upon the results and record of each team. View an overview of competitive soccer in SCYSL.

The coaches are dedicated to the development of confident, competent and adaptable young people who are willing to lead and who play (or work) well with others. Unlike professional sports and professional athletes, with their emphasis on winners and losers, the focus of youth sports is to provide yet another environment for teaching and learning and having fun, where being a “winner” does not require a corresponding “loser” and, at the end of the day, the measure of an athlete’s success is not determined by points on a scoreboard. We measure a player’s success by their growth in the development of their individual skills –athletic and social - and the extent to which they can integrate those skills into the fabric of the team.

Participation on a Competitve team requires a time commitment. The Coaches and Trainers will be there for practices and we expect the same commitment from the players. Weekly practices and clinics will begin in June and twice-a-week practices will start in July. The teams will play in two or three tournaments in August in preparation for the season, which runs September through November. On most weekends during the season the team will play two games a weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Home games and practices are hosted in Santa Clara, while away games could be played in San Jose, Palo Alto, Santa Cruz and Holister.

If the team has a Volunteer Coach, he/she will put in over 200 hours of her time to make it happen for the kids, and for the most part, this is a labor of love, as it is hard to find a better place to be than a soccer pitch on a nice day in the company of the best and brightest kids from our community. Coaches are required to progress their coaching level through the CYSA Coach Licensing Program as the team moves-up in age group.  Coaches and managers cannot do it alone.  They  depend on support from parent volunteers to assist the team with the organization and management, tournament logistics, snacks, and fundraising. Many hands make light work.

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