Santa Clara Sporting '05 Green - U10
Santa Clara Sporting '04 White - U11
Santa Clara Sporting '03 Green - U12
Santa Clara Sporting '03 White - U12
Santa Clara Red Hots - U12
Santa Clara LandSharks - U12
Santa Clara Sporting 02 Green - U13
Santa Clara United 02 - U13
Santa Clara Sparks - U14
Santa Clara Sporting '01 Green - U13
Santa Clara Sporting 98 White - U16

Competitive Girls Teams

Competitive (formally known as Class 3) Soccer is an entry level competitive soccer program designed to provide player development and a taste of competitive soccer. Teams hold tryouts throughout the year to recruit players. Some of our teams play year-round and some only compete in the Fall and allow the kids to compete in other sports in the Spring Season. Check with individual teams to confirm how many tournaments they attend, and if they play year-round.

The Santa Clara Youth Soccer League has both Santa Clara Youth Soccer and Santa Clara Sporting Competitive Teams competing in the Cal-North and NorCal Premier Leagues. In addition to playing league games throughout the season, they may also participate in numerous local tournaments. Teams are made up of single age groups (age pure) ranging from U9 to U18.


FIFA Women's Soccer Health & Fitness

Here is a great article from FIFA Soccer with recommendations on training, health and fitness for the female athlete.

Download article [pdf]

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