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Select Soccer, also known as Class 1, is for players that have developed a high level of skill and want to compete at the highest level. Tryouts are held to select the players and players compete for starting positions, there is no minimum play time for players. There can be a significant amount of travel, as Class 1 teams compete throughout the whole year (Fall and Spring).

Our League has both Santa Clara Youth Soccer and Santa Clara Sporting Club teams that compete in the CYSA CCSL Playing League. In addition to playing league games throughout the season, they may also participate in numerous tournaments. Teams are made up of single age groups (age pure) ranging from U9 to U19. All teams are put into one division. These teams can apply to any Class 1 tournaments and the CYSA California State Cup.

If you have any questions regarding Select Soccer in Santa Clara, please contact me.

John Azevedo
SCYSL CCSL League Representative

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