What To Do When a Student-Athlete is Invited to an ODP Event During High School Soccer Season
Living with CIF Rule 600

Getting Your Student-Athlete Cleared to Attend a  US Youth Soccer ODP Event During High School Soccer Season
(Management of CIF Rule 600)

Step 1 – Receiving the Invitation
Your Student-Athlete receives an invitation to attend a US Youth Soccer ODP event. This is an invite to attend a State ODP, Regional ODP or US National Team event. Note - CIF only recognizes US Youth Soccer ODP Activities, and not US Club Soccer.

It is the job of the ODP Team Administrator to send CIF a written request to get the event approved by CIF. If the event is approved, they will post the approval on the CIF website http://www.cifccs.org  It is a good idea to ask the ODP Team Administrator if he/she has submitted the written request to CIF. (CIF has a policy and will not approve events with less than 30-day lead-time).

Key People Responsible to Submit CIF Approval
• Cal-North State ODP and Region IV ODP Teams – Joyce Pineda at CYSA Office. Her contact information is jpinda@cysanorth.org, 925-426-5437 ext 19
• US National Team – a team administrator is assigned
• ALL requests are submitted in writing to Maria Ishida/CIF

Step 2 - Gain Absence Approval from School (Coach and Principal)
The student is responsible to (1) submit a copy of this letter along with (2) a Parent letter requesting permission to take a leave of absence from school. The permission request must be submitted to the Principal’s Office. Maintain good grades or you may not be release from school!

Step 3 – Official Approval
If your event is approved by CIF, they will post the event on their website http://www.cifccs.org

What Happens if Approval From CIF Doesn’t Happen Before You Leave?
There have been instances when an athlete left to attend an event, and approval on the CIF website was posted after the student-athlete returned to school. If this happens, your first step is to ask the head coach and the school's Athletic Director for instructions and options.

Here is an example how to abid by CIF Rule 600, but you should confirm with your school how they want to manage the situation
During that time before approval is posted on the CIF website, a student is allowed to participate in practices, but cannot compete in games or stand on the sideline with the team in soccer gear. The athlete must wear non-soccer clothes on the sideline. If the player is caught on the sideline in soccer gear or competing in a game, the school must forfeit ALL games leading-up to the date the student is caught. The school soccer program can also risk suspension from the league.

There is also a risk the event may never be cleared by CIF at all, and if so, the student may continue to practice with the team (with coach’s approval), but cannot compete for the school team again. The student may practice with the team, but must stand on the sideline during the games only in street clothes.

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