2012-13 NEW Coaching Requirements - Coaching Course Announcement

Posted 6/28/2012


Hope this note finds you well. In order to get ahead of the game, we are wanting to survey all of you to see which courses you would be interested in taking (or need to take) prior to the upcoming fall season. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE COACHING COURSE REQUIREMENTS HAVE JUST CHANGED EFFECTIVE THIS MONTH, AND IT PERTAINS TO BOTH HEAD COACHES AND ASSISTANT COACHES.

Age Playing Level Coaching License Requirement SCYSL Coaching Course Offered
All Recreational USSF "F" Recommended 8/17 or 8/24
All Recreational USSF "E" Recommended 8/3
All Competitive USSF "E" Mandatory 8/3
U15-U19 Competitive USSF "D" Strongly Recommended District II Course
  • USSF "F" License - For entry level recreational coaches. It is recommended that a recreational coach has a Youth license to coach in District II (our soccer league).
  • USSF "E" License - An entry level license which is MANDATORY for all competitive level coaches. 18 hour pass/fail course with a mix of field and class room instruction.
  • USSF "D" License - Strongly recommended for all competitive coaches of players 15 years and up. The “D”License is a 36-hour course designed for the experienced coach who has alreadyreceived training at the “E” level or who has several years of coaching and/orplaying experience. The focus of this course is to improve individual’s and team’s ability. The most comprehensive license offered and is preparatory for the national licensing.

There is a mandatory one year waiting period between licenses.

It is highly recommend bythe CYSA Director of Coaching~Competitive and the CYSA Coaching Committee Chairman that coaches who currently hold a CYSA “E” and CYSA “E/D” License are strongly recommended to take the New USSF “E” Course in order to be better prepared for the New USSF “D” curriculum. This is not a requirement, but a recommendation.

  • New coaches to District 2 are given 12 months to comply with license policy.
  • District 2 recognizes NSCAA equivalencies i.e. NSCAA Junior Level 6 is equivalent to the USSF E.
  • District 2 will reimburse all coaches that pass D course. “Course fees only”

Santa Clara Youth Soccer League will offer the F and E courses if there are enough coaches who request to attend (minimum 10 participants). The courses would be held in August. Tentatively the E course would be held August 3rd and the F course either 8/17 or 8/24.

Please refer to the following link for coaching courses that are already scheduled in Northern CA. if you are interested in attending, or cannot attend the course on the dates referred to above.

All coaching licenses must be forwarded to Wendy Amick, league registrar, upon successful completion of the course.

Please email me your desire to attend a course by Tuesday, July 3rd, so that we can gauge which courses to schedule.

Steve Robertson - SCYSL




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