2011 Competitive Team Registration Due June 30th

Posted 5/30/2011

All Santa Clara Youth Soccer League's Division 1 and Division 3 teams MUST deliver completed registration packets to the Registrar no later than
Thursday, June 30th (Allow 3-4 weeks for turnaround). This includes both Santa Clara Youth and Santa Clara Sporting teams.

1. Please read these instructions! This will help minimize a ton of phone calls/e-mails received asking registration questions.

2. Included in this packet are the following:
• Registration instructions
• Membership forms (Form 1601, Rev. 12/2008 or 02/10)
• Adult form (Form 1628, Rev. 12/2009)
• Directions for on-line registration forms
• Parent Contracts
• Coach Contracts

3. Prior to me issuing your team’s goldenrod roster, all coaches, assistant coaches, trainers and team managers MUST be on my Fingerprint Log! If you have any doubts, please contact the Registrar for confirmation. If you are a new coach, please allow four to five days for the return processing of your fingerprints from the Department of Justice. Procedures for the Livescan process can be e-mailed upon request.

4. All documents MUST be completed before I will accept your team’s packet. I would prefer that each player’s paperwork be attached with a paperclip in this order from top to bottom, and then alphabetically by last name.

a. Fees per player:
Registration Fee, Non-Sporting Teams: City of Santa Clara residents $100 per player; non-residents $120. Santa Clara Unified School District players qualify for the SC resident rate. Make these checks payable to SCYSL.

Registration Fee, Sporting Teams: Sporting player fees are $140 for City of Santa Clara residents; non-residents $160. Santa Clara Unified School District players qualify for the SC resident rate. Make these checks payable to SCSC.

i. Volunteer Participation Program Fee: $40 per family. If this fee is not included, be prepared to explain if it was paid with another sibling, or a parent is coaching or is a board member (Post-It note on the player application is fine). All VPP checks payable to SCYSL.

One check that includes registration & VPP from non-Sporting teams is acceptable.

b. Picture
NEW!: You may either submit a CD with pictures (.JPEG, .JPG, .PNG or .BMP) or a “real” picture. Each file should be named using the person’s last name. All players and coaches must submit current pictures. Picture must be 1” by 1-1/2” but do not trim the ears or chin! No sunglasses or hats. Larger photos, Polaroid’s, poor quality printed/scanned or any previously laminated pictures (i.e., picture from last year’s player pass) will not be accepted. Please write player’s last name on the back.

c. U.S. Youth Soccer Membership Form – Form 1601 (Rev. 12/08 & 02/10)
• PLAYER INFORMATION: Be sure to complete this entire section and especially the mother’s birth date excluding year (MM/DD).
• Last name – must match last name on birth certificate/passport. You need to use the exact name as it appears on the birth certificate to avoid delay in processing paperwork. If last name is hyphenated and player only uses one name, it is okay to just put that one name.
• First name – must match name on birth certificate/passport. Can use either first or middle name as first name, but cannot use nicknames. If using two “first” names, must appear in same order as on birth certificate.
• Middle initial – you can leave this out, if you choose.
• PRIMARY GUARDIAN: Complete entire section
• SECONDARY GUARDIAN: If address is the same as the primary guardian, check the “Same as Above” box so you don’t have to duplicate your work. If phone numbers are different please include those.
• PO boxes are not allowed for address. You must provide street address.
• Medical and Liability Release –must be signed and dated by parent (or by player if player is 18 or older).

d. Copy of Player’s birth certificate or Passport Only new players to CYSA must provide a copy of the player’s birth certificate or passport. Birth certificates must include an indication that “this document is a true copy of the document on file…..” Certificates without this statement will not be accepted.

e. Foreign Document Translation
If you have any non-English birth certificates, they must be translated to English. See the On-Line Registration page with link to the form.

f. Parent Contract – signed. Only submit the white copy while parents keep the yellow.

5. Team Official Registration and Risk Management Disclosure Form (Form 1628 12/2009) with a picture attached. Complete the on-line form and submit two (2) signed copies per adult. Pictures of each adult must follow the same rules as instructed above for player pictures.

6. Coaching Contract – sign and date.

7. Coaching Licenses
The Registrar should have a copy of all returning coach’s licenses on file. If you are unsure or if you’ve completed a higher course, please submit a copy of the license.


8. Write the date of your first CYSA tournament on the packet. Please allow 3-4 weeks to process initial goldenrod and passes.

9. You must have a minimum of 7 players to register your team. The maximum roster size is 18 players for all groups now. However, CYSA recommends rosters be kept to 14 for teams playing 8v8 and 14 will be the max game day roster for these teams playing in CCSL.

10. I will do my best to make reasonable accommodations for you and more specifically, your players. My preference is to work through e-mail as I can handle issues at odd hours of the day/night instead of having phone calls disrupt my family time. If something is urgent or you need to discuss something I will be more than willing to speak with you.

Allow 1 week for any and all changes/additions to be processed. When submitting paperwork, please place everything in an envelope and include: Team Name & Number and person name & number to contact with questions or to return documents. Your team number is listed on your Golden Rod Roster – I would love for you to memorize it and always refer to it!!





On-Line Forms


Team Official Registration & Risk Management Disclosure (Adult Registration) - Form #1628

My preference is to have each adult who is going to be registered with a team go to the on-line registration. The information goes directly into my LeagueOne database and I also have a very limited number of hard copy forms CYSA sent me this year. Follow these instructions:

On the left side under “Fast Links” click on: Adult Online Disclosure

Read and follow the directions. Submit two (2) completed and signed copies of the form with your registration packet if you have answered "NO" to all six (6) questions.

*Please be sure the check the appropriate box at the top before submitting:

Coach / Asst. Coach / Manager / Team Asst. / Team Official / Trainer

Foreign Document Translation - Form #1627


If you have a player with a birth certificate that is not in English, Form 1627 must be completed and submitted along with the birth certificate.

Team Roster Change in Status - Form #1606


Form 1606 needs to be completed, signed and submitted for all releases and transfers. Please be sure to attach the player pass for releases or players transferring onto your team.

SCYSL LiveScan Procedures for Adult Volunteers

For new registering adults who are not on the Registrar’s Fingerprint Log, follow the directions listed on our web page before a pass will be issued:


Wendy Amick
SCYSL Registrar






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