2011 CCSL Comp Team Game Scheduling-Competition Rules

August 29, 2011

The following information pertains to all SCYSL and Santa Clara Sporting Teams competing in the CYSA CCSL Premier, Gold and Silver competitive leagues during the Fall 2011 season.

CCSL Premier, Gold and Silver schedules can be access at Calsoccerleague.org | CCSL Rules | Game Day Instructions

Coach league teams can access schedules at www.CCSLCoast.org

Game day schedules are now final for all brackets. In the last week we have unfortunately had to make several changes due to teams dropping out, or substantially changing. This creates a trickle down effect that likely affected your schedule. On behalf of those teams, our apologies. Please recheck your schedule NOW.

Game Scheduling

Home team has the technical capability to change the date, time and field of their home matches. DO NOT change the date without the concurrence of your opponent in writing (email). Do have the time and field posted at least 7 days before the match date. This flexibility is designed to allow teams to cooperate and find the best dates and times to have their match. All changes are tracked and abuse is very easy to detect. You can see your list of matches in the TeamStaff:MyTeam-Matches segment after you log on to CCSLCoast.org. Please follow the instructions provided by your home field scheduler to get fields and times assigned.

Don’t try to do Home / Away switches. Just tell the other team what time and field to use, the away team will be the “home” team in the database. Home team in the database is responsible for referee fees and field use fees. Communicate and work it out.


Teams can request a date change from their opponent. The opponent MUST AGREE to a date change if the reason is related to:

1) Tournament (D2Cup, or a tournament on the last weekend of the month, Sept 24/25 and Oct 29/30)

2) Players at ODP State Tryouts

3) PSAT, SAT, ACT official test dates (players asked to use the November SAT date; matches will be scheduled on the October date) Matches on SAT test dates must be scheduled to start no earlier than 3pm for the applicable age group

4) Major Religious Holiday (Yom Kipper Oct 8th)

5) School Homecoming dance, provided the following criteria are met:

a. Maximum of one-rescheduled match per tam

b. Request initiated no later than 9pm on the Monday evening following the opening weekend of CCSL play

6) Fields unavailable or closed as confirmed by home club scheduler

7) Weather closure of field

If you can’t agree on a date, the CCSL Coast will ask the home team for three time slots over at least two days which do not conflict with an already scheduled match of the opponent. The opponent will have 24 hours to select one of the time slots.

Opponents are not required to, but may agree to, a date change if the reason is related to school trips, coach conflicts, player illness or absence, baseball, NorCal matches, other tournaments on other than the last weekend, vacations or similar reasons.


CCSL has established a firm forfeit procedure, travel is not a valid reason to not play a game. The CCSL Coast Section will establish if a team has forfeited: Only the CCSL Coast Section can declare a forfeit. Teams cannot agree to a forfeit. Referees cannot award a forfeit.

1) Any team that forfeits a match will be assessed an $85.00 fine. Payments of these fines will be the responsibility of the League of Registration.

2) Forfeits will be recorded as a 0-2 loss to the forfeiting team. Teams forfeiting will also be penalized an additional three (3) points in the standings.

If a match does not get played, CCSL Coast decides whether the match is a forfeit or a double forfeit. One team may get no points, both teams get no points or both teams lose points. The CCSL Coast, in it’s sole discretion, will make these decisions.

Additional communications will follow on rosters, guest players. game day processes etc. In the meantime please remember that the purpose of a soccer league is to allow children to play games. Do what you can to make it a good experience for them.




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