2010 Spring Coaches Memo

All Santa Clara Youth and Santa Clara Sporting Coaches with teams participating in Spring League soccer must read and conform with the following rules and information.....

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Letter from Tino Silva/SCYSL President:

All Coaches,

Rather than present a long summary of notes I had prepared for our spring meeting, I condensed them down to a few key bullet points. We are going to have a formal meeting in the fall with all coaches (competitive and recreation). At that meeting Dr. Chevalier from Team Clinic in Santa Clara will present on how to treat common soccer injuries.

Below are a few items to be conscientious of this spring season:

Teams Competing in NorCal Premier Soccer

1. All referees must be paid at the field. If a game is not cancelled within 48 hours, it is the responsibility of the team to pay the referee the game fees.

Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park

1. Anytime a game or practice is cancelled you must call Tino or Demitri ASAP.
2. You may not practice two teams in your time slot. If you have a time slot you may only practice (1) one team in the slot. The field space is very limited and therefore you should only practice the team that was assigned.
3. You are responsible for your parents and players. Please ensure they follow all Soccer Park rules and regulations.
4. All games that are scheduled at the Soccer Park must be scheduled 10 days in advanced of the match date.

Curtis Field

1. Set Up and Tear Down: You should look at the arbiter a day or 2 before the game and make note if you are the first, middle, or last game of the day on a particular field. 1st game sets up and last game tears down. If your 1st game is at 8:30am, and there isn't another game until 2pm, then you need to tear down also, and they will set up again. There should be no time where the field is setup where a team is not on the field using it. As a general rule, if the next team hasn't shown up by the time you need to leave, you need to tear down right then. For tear down, move the goals back against the fence and lock them up.
2. Goals used for practice must be put away after and locked up. Teams that don’t lock up goals after training will lose their privilege to use goals for practice.
3. All goals must be anchored down for games!
4. Do not let the adult teams use SCYSL goals. If they are using SCYSL goals, please call Tino or Demitri and we will call the Parks and Recreation Department. If you do not follow this protocol you run the risk of losing your soccer park privilege.
5. Do not park your cars next to the 4H Club on the dirt road.
6. If you have the last game of the day make sure all garbage is picked up at your field!!
7. IMPORTANT: Please make sure you notify your parents to use EXTREME caution in both parking lots when they drop off their son or daughter.
8. For U-12 and under teams, each week we will assign a team to line the fields at Curtis. You will receive an email a week beforehand requesting you line at least one (or more) fields before the upcoming Saturday games.
9. Please ensure you put the keys back in the lock box and do not put them in your pocket. We have lost too many keys already this year.

Referee Pay:
Note: Since Nor Cal U-12 games are 35 minute halves, they need to go to the next pay rate.

Game Level Position Pay
U8 CR $25
U9-U10 Rec/Sel/Comp CR $25
U9-U10 Rec/Sel/Comp AR $22
U11-12 Rec/Sel/Comp CR $30
U11-12 Rec/Sel/Comp AR $25
U13-14 Rec/Sel/Comp CR $35
U13-14 Rec/Sel/Comp AR $30
U15-16 SelComp CR $40
U15-16 SelComp AR $33
U15+ Rec CR $40
U15+ Rec AR $33
U17+ SelComp CR $45
U17+ SelComp AR $38
SPL-All CR & AR $33




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